Rental Policies

All rentals are based on a day rate. You will need a driver’s license and credit/debit card to secure your rentals.

The following policies have been instituted to assure fairness to all renters. All equipment needs to be in same condition and manner it was rented in. The following outlines particular procedures and contract agreements need to be reviewed with every order.

Delivery & Setup

Tent setups begin Wednesday. We will call you on Monday as to expected delivery day. While we make our best effort to honor that date, weather conditions and new business may alter any advance planning. We will confirm the planned setups for each day that morning and usually give an estimate of the time of day delivery can be expected. Make sure we have a number where you can be reached at all times. Times and dates given are an estimate only.

Grass Cutting

Please make sure your grass is cut at the latest Wednesday morning. Make appropriate

arrangements with your lawn service in advance. Grass cannot be cut around the tent as it damaged our equipment

and yours. If you need to re-schedule because of yard work, or need to set an appointment for delivery, you may incur

additional delivery charges.

Payment / Cancellation Policies

A 25% deposit is required to secure a reservation of rental items and services. 100% of the remaining contract balance must be paid for on delivery or sooner. Deposit will be refunded to any cancellation prior to two weeks before the delivery date; otherwise, refunds will not be honored. We accept Visa/Master Card and Discover as well as Cash/Check/Money Order.

All tables and chairs must be stacked in the same manner they were delivered, or a tear-down fee of 15% of the table and chair rental will be applied for re-stacking. Tables and chairs rented with a canopy or tent are delivered under the tent. We expect to pick them up from the same location or from a garage.

Tables and chairs rented without a tent are tail-gate delivery on a driveway, garage or close-by porch. Inside deliveries will generally be charged additional, as will tables delivered to a back yard. PLEASE inform us where they will go so that we can bring appropriate dollies.

Tables and chairs rented from us without a tent need to be kept under cover, i.e. away from the rain. They should be placed in a garage or under a tarp or other plastic covering.

Linen Rentals

Please shake linens free of debris and place in returnable bags. Do not put WET linens in plastic bags. If you rented table skirts, make sure you return the clips and skirt hangers. Linen can be picked up on Friday and need to be returned on Monday.

Popcorn, Sno-cone, Cotton Candy, and Concessionary Rentals

Do not leave excess food products, charcoal, or cooking grease in equipment. You must clean and rinse all items.

Wedding Rentals & Decorating Services

Decorating services are coordinated in advance with reception hall. You are responsible for guest theft of centerpieces, mirrors, beads, votives, etc.

Centerpieces that are rented for self-setup need to be returned clean: that includes wax removed from mirrors, vases, votives, candelabras and any candle-holders. If returned dirty, you will be charged a cleaning fee of fifty cents per item.

Equipment is picked up from the hall the following morning at an agreed upon time. Charges may be added to your bill if contracted items require unanticipated. If cleanup staff discards any of our equipment, you will be charged.